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This has nothing to do with emotions or troubles in your life. This is a brain disease. The basal ganglia of my brain is putting out too much aceytcolene, a neurotransmitter where your nerves talk to your muscles. I know this disease like the back of the hand. Stress can aggravate Dystonia, but does not cause this condition. Mine is hereditary. My mother had dystonia along with 10 of my uncles, aunts and cousins who suffer from this disease!

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I have a type of spasticity and my skeletal muscles contract to the point of pain,but mostly I can't walk more than a few feet and have been living 24/7 in a recliner since February 2013 and nothing helped ,and even Botox did nothing! My condition is due to a cold turkey withdrawal from lorazapam! Any suggestions?

When you visit a Movement Disorder Specialist, they will inform you what they can do to help your condition, especially if you get a good Movement Disorder Specialist. I had to get drunk and on KLONOPIN to get married. My neck was RETRO and stuck turning Left! The pain in my neck was beyond imaginable. I was in extreme pain! My condition is focal whereas yours may be generalized. Please get help and REMEMBER, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I used BOTOX until I built up antibodies. I am now on MYOBLOCK and KLONOPIN. ARTANE may help, but it made me shaky. It may help you. I am hoping you get relief.

I was told that Lupus caused the damage to my basal ganglia. But I’m not convinced. 4 Botox injections and 6 oral meds have failed. Meanwhile lupus is well controlled.