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Pet care after transplant

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@rmftucker thank you so much! We will let you know.

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Wondering if you can tell me what it means when you think you are smelling natural gas in your home but my husband doesn't smell anything. The gas company had been here and found nothing.
Thank you. Karen

@rosemarya any suggestions?

@karensgarden, Welcome to Mayo Connect. This is an interesting question that you have asked. I am a volunteer mentor, and I am a liver/kidney recipient.

I first want to say that calling the gas company was a wise choice. We have had several incidences of smelling natural gas at our home. My husband does not smell it, either. Once the smell was traced to a recent weed spraying of a neighboring hay field. Another time, my neighbors and I were on a sniffing mission on our street where there had been recent utility digging. No leak was detected, either.

Have you recently purchased anything like a new mattress cover, or pillows, or tried a new cleaner?
Are either you or husband transplant patients? or on any medication that could cause change in sense of smell? I don't know if this might have any effect but it would be something to bring up to pharmacist or doctor.

Let me know your thoughts. Does this help you at all?

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