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Parkinson's Disease | Last Active: Apr 28, 2018 | Replies (11)

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Hello @mariemarie

It is good to hear from you again. You might consider checking with your neurologist about this question. I'm not a medical professional but I do take a magnesium supplement in the evening. My PCP said it is good for constipation and most of us with PD do have that problem. From what I understand magnesium is also good for the muscles, which include the heart.

In looking up this on "google" I don't see much in the way of scholarly articles.

Let us know if you find out more about this.

By the way, the last time you posted, you were starting the patch. Is that working well for you? I look forward to hearing from you again.


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Hi Teresa. Thanks. Yes, still on neupro patch, 1mg. No side effects. Change patch every 24 hours. No on/off time.


That is good to hear that you are doing so well with the patch. Are you still pedaling or have you started a new exercise program?


Teresa, i still pedal for Parkinson three times a week. If i miss a class i can feel stiffness. I read somewhere that table tennis is being recommended for PWP. How are you doing?

Hi @mariemarie

I'm doing OK, still have the tightness in the thigh, but with the stretches I learned in PT that is under control now. I am beginning to have some neuropathy-like symptoms (tingling) in the inner part of my right leg and knee, this is the same side where the tightness is occurring. I've put a message into the neurologist about that so I'll wait and see what she says.

I understand what you mean about missing exercise and feeling stiff. Exercise really makes a difference.

I'm glad to hear that the patch is working so well for you. You mentioned table tennis for PWP, what does PWP stand for?


I had to find out what PWP meant after someone mentioned to me in an email…People With Parkinsons (PWP). Hoping neuro has answers on the tingling. Have a good evening.

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