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The Use of a Trilogy Machine

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Hello Everyone,
Perhaps we can all learn together in case someone else could use some info on possible benefits of using a Trilogy machine.

The Trilogy machine, after approval, was started in 2009. From members of another site, the Trilogy machine is much like a Bipap but can be more finely calibrated and adjusted to meet individual needs. Where as, a Bipap can be set at two separate flow rates, the Trilogy not only can be set at two separate flow rates but can also sense a person's breathing difficulties and adjust automatically to that particular patient's needs. It is also equipped with several different alarms so patient or caregiver can be alerted of possible dangers of problems.

I have awaken to find her mask on the floor getting NO oxygen using the Bipap and NO alarm sounding.
There was one member who says he would be dead if not for his Trilogy machine. He says, when he falls to sleep his BPM rate drops then breathing stops. The Trilogy machine detects this automatically and starts filling his lungs with air.

According to Respironics can be used for many different diseases and conditions including COPD. It is a ventilator and can be used with a trach or a mask.
With more sophisticated technology also comes more expensive costs. I've seen prices for a unit from over $17,000 to just over $100. Supposedly some insurances pay most of it, if not all the cost. Some have a co-pay that can vary in monthly prices.

Tomorrow we have a visit with her Pulmonary Dr. Don't now yet if the PCP has spoken to him in regards to a Trilogy machine or not.
Guess we will find out tomorrow.

Thanks to all for their comments and a special thanks to @waterboy for posting the links.

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Thank you for the information. I need to check this out. I've had a portable O2 concentrator since 2011 – OXUS Plus by drive and having a 3+ hour battery allows for freedom from the cord (the other cord that is:) ) . The Trilogy machine sounds very interesting and as my COPD progress I may need to switch over. When I see my Pulmonary Dr I will ask him about it and his opinion. I let everyone know what he says and what I discover. I'm also interested if Medicare covers the cost or a percentage.,

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