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Thanks very much for your tips and merging posts, etc. Here's the latest for me (today) re the tapering - I know that to do it the proper way, getting off 4 mg clonazepam (benzos (klonopin, valium, ativan, etc.) are a hell if you taper too quickly or miss doses!!!) Speaking solely for myself, I enjoy weed and the relaxation very much! but I'm - I feel - psychologically addicted to it, it's not in my budget really now, so I plan to get off it way before the clonazepam full taper, like this month. I feel like a slave to weed and clonazepam (and sugar!!). I want anything needed I put in my body - medication, healthy food, supplements, etc. to be my choice and not addicted even though I understand some medications are needed and save lives.

But today, I bought 1 ML of CBD oil and I think it seems to help with mood and anxiety! $7 for 1 ML, about one day's dosage so I plan to buy economical sizes. Tons on the web about CBD oil. I am hopeful that the CBD oil will ease getting off all the other stuff. Anyone with comments about CBD oil (hemp extract) and dosing with the oil, are welcome and appreciated! TY To all of our good health!

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STRESS. Well the reason I used oil was I cannot smoke without coughing. The oil is in a small vial and you screw that Vial into what looks like a cigarette.