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Long-term Antibiotics for Bronchiectasis & MAC

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Which antibiotics are they? Have your CT's been stable?

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I am going to the University of Michigan late this afternoon. I have had so many meds that I will make sure I send the correct info back to you this evening. I have been diagnosed years ago with sarcoidosis of lungs and eyes. Does any one have this diagnosis as well?

My husband does! He has that, and I have the MAC. We both have bronchiectasis.

Wow – What a coincidence. My husband is well physically.

I volunteered at a Reserve Center when he was called to active duty and people there had caught some rare diseases.

Yes! We are quite the pair!

@macjane, Hi. My cousin has sarcoidosis. She has it in her lymph glands, lungs and stomach. She was also diagnosed with breast cancer nine months ago. Some kind of aggressive form.

Irene, did you or your husband ever work in an older building with unclean air ducts? Jane

I think my dad had sarcoidosis undetected as he was due for surgery in NY that was put on hold due to a scar on his lungs. Looking back he was an executive with IBM in NYC. He would walk amongst the buildings being erected in the 50's and 60's. Lots of dust…..the scar was not cancer as the surgeon suspected. He was never tested for sarcoid.

Yes and yes! We are both retired educators! 

Terri : Look at my responses to Irene. In your cousin's case I wonder if anyone mentioned Achalasia? On the eve of my mother's wake, I suddenly got up, felt like I was going to roll over and faint. I was taken to hospital, admitted and then diagnosed with Achalasia. My doctor at home told me repeated I has Irritable Bowel Syndrome. He was not correct. The bottom muscle area of the esophagus fails to function so surgery is a necessity. The esophagus is cut inserted into the stomach area so food can pass into the digestive system. It was not accepted here by my gastro doctor until he did very extensive testing. I saw it on the x-rays in CT and it was explained that Achalasia is often misdiagnosed as IBS.

Does anyone else have similar issues but possibly misdiagnosed? My brother is a cardiologist who was puzzled by lack of care. He mentioned sarcoid and he was right.

There were a lot of ventilation issues in many of the buildings! And we were not in the same school. And I was that idiot teacher who literally lived at school! I would even go in on weekends! My family played in the gym while I worked in my classroom! I had chronic bronchitis, pneumonia once, and chronic sinus issues. Wish I could press the rewind on the remote!

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