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Extreme fatigue with MAC

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Sep 15, 2019 | Replies (310)

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@terri M, thanks for the information. I'm struggling to figure out all of the symptoms and how it's going. This was my first meeting with the pulmonologist, he spent at least 45 minutes with me checking my background etc. He has also ordered a heart valve echo to see if that is OK. It just takes a long time to get all of the tests completed. I'm trying to get some exercise in thinking the fatigue might be that I'm out of shape. It's very hard to do much walking when just plain old house work wears me out, even just getting showered and dress has me puffing. The doctor showed me my lung scan and said the number of bronchiectasis things, whatever they are, was not bad so I'm wondering if there is enough there to make me this fatigued. He had me take a 10 day series of Prednisone and an antibiotic which I've taken and been done with for a couple of weeks now. My PA had me use an inhaler which seemed to help sometimes but didn't make a big difference. I'm leaning toward just being fat and lazy, and out of shape. Although I do know there is something in my lungs, I just don't know how much it's contributing to my fatigue. Thanks for your help, I'm reading as many posts as I can to try to understand what is going on with me. Janice

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I question the same types of things as you do as the fatigue increases during my work week to the point of exhaustion on the weekends. It’s really hard to do any exercise at all when working but do try to push myself a little. It’s nice to hear others’ experiences as my pulmonologist doesn’t say much about my fatigue except to do the respiratory program twice a day instead of once a day.