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Extreme fatigue with MAC

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Sep 15, 2019 | Replies (310)

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Again, thank you for your time. Our son lives just miles away from Cleveland Clinic.

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Would Cleveland Clinic be another place for good second opinion? 3 hours away?

@macjane I would think Cleveland Clinic would be a good place to go. They have an excellent reputation.

Terri, does anyone have a doctor that can recommend at Cleveland Clinic? I have been through nightmare here in SE MI.

@macjane, Hopefully someone in our group might know of one. I can dig around and see what I can find out. Get back to you on this.

@macjane, Jane, I found two at the Cleveland Clinic who are listed with NTMinfo.org as specialists that are experienced with treating bronchiectasis and mac. The first one is a young doctor: Elliot Dasenbrook, M.D. he got a 5 star rating, he is in Pulmonary /Critical Care his ph number is 216-445-6503. And 216-445-3082. The other pulmonologist is Bohdan Pichurko, M.D. same phone number as above. Cleveland Clinic takes just about all insurances. Good luck. Let me know what you find out.

Hello @macjane

While I do not have the same health problem that you do, I also live in SE Michigan and went to Cleveland Clinic for vocal cord surgery several years ago. It is a great facility and I believe a second opinion there would be a good first step in dealing with your issues.

I'm wishing you well and hope to read more about how you are doing.


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