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CBD oil and depression/anxiety

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Dec 22, 2020 | Replies (838)

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I'd like to suggest some supplements to those who, like me, may have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder / generalized anxiety disorder. I, too, take 60 mg Cymbalta and it helps but isn't the whole answer. I'm going to suggest supplements / activities that help me calm down and lift my mood. I'm not a doctor, so please check with yours first but, remember, MD doctors weren't trained about nutrition and supplements in med school. But, for me, these work well and may they help you, too. Ready? I suggest HIGHLY!!! – 1) Sam-e 400 mg daily, 2) Lithium Orotate (on Amazon) just 5 – 25 mg a day (experiment – it's a different form than lithium for bipolar so no lithium effects); 3) omegabrite — omegabrite.com – A top Psychopharmacologist suggested this to me and he takes it – you can take 5 – 6 capsules of omegabrite a day and you may see miracles as I did in feeling well; 4) B Complex 100 (I suggest the tops "Solgar" brand; 5) L-methylfolate 1mg plus a day; 6) sublingual B12 (5000 mg nuggets); 7) walking; 8) sitting quietly for 5 minutes + (no tv, phone, computer). I'm not a doctor so you'd have to check in case anything conflicts with what you're taking but they're all safe, I find, and work extremely well!!! Omegabrite and Sam-e are expensive but to feel good again, isn't it worth it? Wishing us all and loved ones good health and feeling well!

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@stressedmesseddepressed can you tell me which brand of Sam-e you take?

Before you begin taking these supplements make sure there is no contraindication with your antidepressants; e.g. no St.John's Wort, Melatonin and others.

Oh, yes, thank you; I have carefully checked all supplements for contraindications; there's no problem. I've talked to medical doctors and carefully researched all. (Not bragging but as a law school grad, I'm good at researching.) I don't touch St. John's Wort. But I get GREAT benefit from: Co Q 10, Sam-e, Omegabrite.com, Melatonin (natural – pineal gland), Lithium Orotate (about 10 mg), Ashwagandha and B100 and, because there is an issue with my MTHKR Gene mutation, I need to take the methyl form (everybody should take the methyl form only) of B12 (methycobalamin) and folate – L-methylfolate 15mg. (amazon has it). TY!

So should B-12 and folate be taken in addition to a multi vitamin?

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