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CPAP Intolerance

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I don't know if the term "sleep apnea" was used 20 years ago but I know that recent studies show that sleep apnea can lead to serious problems….heart issues…stroke….dementia, etc. I had an episode of Transient Global Amnesia in November 2016..it was horrible. I saw a neurologist at Mayo who suggested a sleep study because I was having some memory issues. I have mild sleep apnea and was given a CPAP machine in May 2017. I hated it….I struggled with the mask….it felt like someone was trying to smother me. I had to figure out a way to deal with my anxiety whenever I put the mask on. I started to wear it a few minutes at a time during the day….just walking around the house. After 6 months, I can wear the mask at night and do sleep better with it. I still struggle at times. I worry though about untreated sleep apnea. @tbaxter33, do you have health issues that could get worse with the apnea? I am so sorry using a CPAP has been impossible for you.

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Hi,I'm feeling the same way like @bernese53 a2nd it started to hurt on the right lower side of mt nose and then I got two nose bleeds and that was like two weeks ago amd now the left lower part of nose is hurting again but I havent had any nose bleeds recently but the left side hurts a lot more then the right side did
What can I search up to heal it??

I have been using Vicks vpor Rub in my nostrils…helps a lot!