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Hello! I am Debbie, 69, with CHF. New bi ventricular pace maker/defibrillator implanted Oct 2020. Area is still sore to touch, cannot wear strap over it, feels bumpy not smooth (keloids?)still experiencing dizziness and shortness of breath occasionally. Have Medtronic device. Feeling a sting/burn…from 3 secs to 15-20 secs! Usual???
Small frame so arm movement across implant is painful. Last few days am having PVCs. But not like before implant..very few. Any words of advice from experienced warriors? I have always been a happy person but this is terrible.

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Hi @deb1020, welcome. I'm tagging a few experienced warriors (as you so nicely put it) like @fighter @vickinlowe @danab @yoanne @maryrohrer1 @corjianne to see if they have experience to offer.

Deb, in Oct 2020 you had a bi-ventribular pacemaker implanted and you're concerned about ongoing side effects such as dizziness and shortness of breath, as well as a sting or burning sensation. When do these symptoms appear? Have you talked to your cardiologist about them?

@deb2020, Hi Deb, welcome to the wonderful world of pacemakers. I had one for about 10 years prior to my transplant and I'm familiar with some of the things you mentioned. Mine was a Boston scientific so the exact feel might be a bit different in dimensions but mine was about 2 " wide by about 2.5 " long with the wires attached on top. Most of it was smooth except on top where the wires attached which felt a bit bumpy. There was a plastic like hood where the wires were and that's what felt bumpy.
Being it's only 2 months there may still be a bit of healing yet but as to the tinginling feeling I was asked that and I know it was common but I didn't Kno ice it. All great questions for your Doctor.
Now PVCs I was told they weren't an issue and unless they were many in a row at least for me that would probably not need treatment but if they are bothering you than I would bring them up. As to other issues as to treatments over the years I had many adjustments depending on what my heart was doing. During a checkup they would put a wand over the device and download to see if there were any issues and at the same time they made adjustments. Not painful and except for some tests they did to make sure it was working ok not unpleasant. For me it was always interesting that they would thru the pacemaker speed me up and down to check the wires and that was a bit of a weird feeling. The short of breath for me usually ment my heart was having an arrythmia and the pacemaker is adjusting for it. Definitely mention that and if it's real bad I would see a doctor asap. Mine were sometimes bad enough to call the on call doctor or 911. If you have one of the bedside remote devices the Doctor can get a download right away and see if he or she needs to see you. Hope that helps and any other questions please ask away.
Have a Blessed Day