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Heart Rhythm Conditions – Welcome to the group

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Please point me to urinary bladder urge incontinence

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Hi! As a physical Therapist I specialized in Pelivc floor Re-education.What you need to re-learn is Biofeedback electrode training. Finding a speciaty qualified pelvic floor person….. Talk to your urologist first. He may be dumb about this training.. Google "The Biofeedback Certification Institute of America" in Colorado. They will give you a specialist in your area. Originally, this was strictly done by Pschologist before the Certification Program. A few of us made it so any field( psychology, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy,Educationn etc) could be certified. Their requirements are very strict. Do not be afraid for a male or female if They are Board Cetified or the Tech. is working under a board certified professionals. If done under a Physicians office, make sure he or she is qualified by a board also, or Medicare will refuse billing.. I took time to mention all this because it is a sensaitive issue. A good, well trained staff that meets the requirement of medicare otr private insurance is mandatory. Women have a short urethea of about 7 inches. Men are at 16' Child birth stretching or a weaken pelvic floor is therefore more common with women. Please follow my instructions. Unqualified offices could label you as a Symptom Magnifier" if sensative issues arose with billing or disputes. I helped to develop this area, so I know what you are going through and what you probablely need.Don't hesiate to contact me if you need any assistance. Again,I know what you are going through. bill54321