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Heart Rhythm Conditions – Welcome to the group

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Hi Teresa, I'm Nancy (shortshot80) Its been a while since I'v been here. Have been doing some radiation on my right side as it has been making me cough upf blood. Jan.22 I had radiation. Right now as I'm trying to type my little friend "abbi" is standing on my lap and leaning on my left arm. Kinda hard to type.
I have finished my book and my daughter has it to proof read. Soon for printing. Yea! Glad It's done. I've been doing sorta ok, this last year Jan 19**19 I fell and broke my hip. I'm finally getting around some without the walker. All kinds of medical stuff for the whole year. I'm glad it's done. Still have some of the medial but hopefully not as much for this year. Will get on here more now…. Nancy

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I admire you. I am trying to organize to write a bottoms up book on the Hantivirus. Any suggestions on a publisher? I am a 90 yr old Korean aidman combat veteran. I called the New Mexico Heath Department, during their strange oubreak , and told them to look at the deer mouse for the carrier. They did and made the announcement 1 week later. I knew what it was from Korea 40 years earlier. Korea was Kidney and New Mexico is Respiratory.involements. This New World strain is more lethal. Others have written good capsules o the disease. But , I have tales no one can say but me. (Because they are all dead.) As soon as I get a printer, I will start what you went through .Ha ! My book will be who did what and when..untold stories but with eventual work on prevention. Any suggestions???( 0n outlining and foot notes and forward)