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I\'m 44 yr old. My problems started about 2 yr ago when I started getting dizzy while driving (having to pull over and then completely stop driving for awhile. Tons of tests and very worried about a brain tumor (I\'ve had malignant melanoma cut out). First find (MRI) was a terrible sinus problem; 110% blocked :). 2nd find was about 8,000 PVC\'s/day. I have felt weird heart beats for 20 years, but… Got sinus surgery done and started taking Metoprolol Succinate(15 mg/d). Literally overnight, I woke up rested for the 1st time in about 10 years and 100% of my issues went away (except for still being able to feel my PVC\'s). I\'m now \"sinus clear\" and taking a 1/2 of toprolol/day. My heart doc is awesome, but I\'m lucky to have a cousin who\'s a cardio. at Duke. She\'s been reviewing everything (halter monitor, recommendations, etc.) and says (like my hometown cardio.) that all is well. That PVC\'s are not destructive, just a nuisance. I\'m in good shape (not running shape :), I\'ve never smoked/done drugs, but drink lots of coffee and a lil\' bit of Lone Star Beer! You have to drink Lone Star in Texas while BBQing… it\'s the law.

Luckily, for now, I don\'t have 1/100th of the issues that others are dealing with in regards to their heart; prayers go out to all of you. The joys of getting old…er!

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So happy you have a great cardiologist (who happens to be family) and have found a way to treat your issues!!
I too, took Metropolol and it did help. What worked the best was losing 90 pounds!! I am now off the meds. After being off of caffeine for decades, I started drinking it again this year. I\'ve noticed more incidents of a racing heartbeat. Guess it is time to get off the caffeine!

Keep up the good work!

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