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Hey there. I have lived with PVC’s for 40 years. Most times relatively tolerable during work or play. But, some times pretty bad. And, I feel everyone one of them. Skipping, jumping, fluttering, hesitating, floundering around and on and on. Started having AFIB episodes about 4 years ago, and PVC’s started getting worse and more frequent. Hundreds to thousands every day. On occasion I have a relatively good day. So, I have a couple of different issues. Still do as much as I can to help me relax. Still smoke, drink coffee and have a few beers on occasion.

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@crashman hi, sounds like I can relate to your PVCs. I’ve had them on and off for 45 years….many tests, doctors always are polite and basically conclude that my PVCs and some PACs are of a benign nature…relaxing is great advice…it’s hard to do, but when I get going with something active or hobby it takes my mind off of it….so glad to hear all of the posts on this topic…I had to quit drinking and smoking many years ago, but still have some regular coffee in the morning…..

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