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Heart Rhythm Conditions – Welcome to the group

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Hi, I am Ryman. The first I really noticed my palpitations was back in the summer. I was kneading bread and my heart just started pounding. In October my heart rate dropped to 20. So I received a pacemaker. Actually, I have had a lot of trouble with it. They replaced the lead in January. The last two weeks while grocery shopping I had pain and a pounding heart. They checked my heart and the pacemaker and said they were both fine. I am having a stress test tomorrow. I have a daughter and two grandsons. My husband passed away 4 years ago. So I live with my oldest grandson.

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What happened to your lead? Did they leave the old one in place when they replaced it? I am facing the same issue.

The first lead was too close to the phrenetic nerve and was causing pain and burping. They left the old lead in and told me because of that I cannot have an mri. The pain is gone but I still get the burping.

I too get a beating heart at timestoo hard. Always , take theApplecidar vinegar with water.Very quickly, it gets the big burpsOut.What releaf.I highly recommend.Cut back on the acids. And,Things get better. Only, my opinion.But, talking to your doctor.,Is most relevant.
I am. an A fib senior.  And. Being careful, of eating drinkingand more lowkey, works wellFor me.

Did they do this to you at Mayo? I probably need to replace my lead too and am concerned about having a dead one in the heart too. I think that pretty much all pacemaker users cannot be MRI\'d.

No, Mayo did not do this. My surgery was in Buffalo, NY. I was told that I could have MRIs before they left the dead lead in. Then they said I couldn’t. I hate those tests anyway. Best of luck to you.