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Loss and Grief: How are you doing?

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I think guilt is a part of grief for those of us whose loved one died suddenly as in my son’s suicide or those of us who have had complicated or estranged relationships with the person who died.

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@georgette12 So true. I am sorry to hear about the suicide of your son. I still have guilt about my dad’s suicide. Grief is a complicated journey. Guilt seems to accompany grief.

georgette, My wife's son died in suicide. I met Mary six months after that. She left me just a while ago but I dealt with her grief for all those 22 years, sometimes I did ok but I guess I didn't do so well other times. Her grief was mind numbing to me sometimes but I never got mad at her and still don't want to be mad at her.
Being a part of Mary's grief has given me something I'd have never learned otherwise. Very sorry for your loss. I still remember and think of my first wife, so I guess your son will always be on your mind. For Mary, she is a believer so I spoke to her about what was written in the Scriptures and comforted her some. Some stupid people say evil things to you out of their ignorance. One woman did that to Mary and shocked her, not going to repeat it here but it was unkind.

@@georgette12. I agree.

So true.

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