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Until one has loved or been loved by an animal there is a part of their souls that has not yet been opened. I love dogs and have saved several, my 2 are both rescues and they are part of my family

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First time for to have a doggie, and our relationship is just great. Can't live without him now. Having my little Maltese 13 year old, 6 pounds is stopping me from seeing certain people because they do not want them in their homes. So the results are I just do not see the people. Agent Darien stay in his carrier and does love everyone, so maybe they do not want him because he takes over the show going on within people sometimes. Blessed, I am blessed with him, but some people do to want dogs and other animals in their house, surroundings. NO GO! Have too many people that want him at their house. You know where i go?

Good that you adopted rescue dogs. With so many unwanted or worse, abused animals, the right thing to do is to adopt animals from shelters.

Love your message, find it to be so true. On a good day, my two rescue cats celebrate with me. On a not so good day, they are cuddly and comforting. I too don't know what I'd do without them.

Glad to know a cat lover. Cats often get a bad rap. Too bad, for they are wonderful animals and love you just as much as dogs, just show their feelings differently.