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@keeptrying I thought I would share a few thoughts as I was moved by your topic and the others that have responded as far. As I have been thinking about this topic for me I have yet had any significant limitations due to my health and so I initially was going to pass. As I thought more, what kept coming back to me was that as we all age there are always setbacks for a variety of reasons that will normally cause us to realize that we have have limitations. I think it is wise to come to grips with that reality as least for me and I would suspect for all of us. I was reminded just a week ago as I was up on our 2nd story roof setting out our Christmas lights, that I might be wise to consider sticking to the 1st level or hiring someone else to do this for me? Many of the memories I have of my past with regards to participating in the activities I once loved I haved replaced with new things that I am still able to do and bring nearly as much joy as those other things. I used to surf quite a bit for example and given the right circumstances would love to give it a go, but I am more than content snorkling in some beautiful water taking in the endless amount of varieties of fish. On a trip several years back in Maui I headed back to the beach after being out just 30′ feet from the beach and as I approached the sandy bottom I came across a pair of legs. I popped my head up to find a older couple standing there with a very concerned look on their faces. They had rented snorkel equipement, but had some real fear of going out where many of the snorklers were swimming. Noticing that, I mentioned that there was as much fish swimming around there feet as were out there. I suggested they put on their masks and take a look. It was so much fun to see their smiles as they pulled on their fins. Just a short story to illustrate that we may not need to abandon what once brought us joy but embrace with limitions the very things we still love. They will only become fantasties if we let them!
Sending you warm thoughts and a very Merry Christmas. Sincerly @thankful

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I’m Blessed with a lot in my 67 yrs. I’m thankful for every body in my life and what little time I have left.
I’m a patient of Chronic Diseases and Conditions since age 5. I was Blessed to be sent back down here after my heart stopped 3 time’s. But last yr these Dr’s the 1 I have says I don’t have diabetes any more family history refuses to write scripts for medical supplies I ‘ve been getting since 99. I’m barley hanging on to life but am Blessed to have some who rescued me from Mountains and brought me back and fell in Love with me no matter what my health is .God has been great to me