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High TSH and High T3

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Hi - Longtime Hashi's patient here (20+ years). Because it's auto-immune, during the early stages, the thyroid can "storm," meaning that it will have periods of producing large amounts of hormone and other periods of producing very little. You may want to ask your doctor to recheck again in a couple of weeks to see if your levels change. I can't say for sure that it's not related to tumors, but from what I was told when I asked that question, it's fairly rare.

I assume that they actually found antibodies in your bloodwork and that's how you know it's Hashimotos? If not, they maybe need to do some testing for other conditions as well, as it would be unusual to be hyperthyroid and that tired, although it is possible depending on what else is going on with your body.

Hoping that you are able to figure it out and start feeling better soon. I know what that feels like and it's definitely not fun.

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I do have high TPOs 1,000 + and i think i am in storm zone now past couple of years. My tsh was 6.9 last June, then went back to 2.something zone. This year was in 6.1 and then came back in 8 weeks back to 2s..
Any recomendations ? I picked tons of books on Hashimoto...stil reading, taking supplements. Tried to talk to endocrinologist, but they only want to give meds, dont want to talk about diets or supplements. At least she agreed ok for now no meds until tsh goes above 7.5.
For symptoms - i do get tired, cold, hair loss, etc. My biggest one which i didnt realize is the symptom of low thyroid - is getting freq upper respiratory infections - sinuses, ears , lungs. 2 books that i read both mention it.
Anything else you would do since you mentioned you have Hashix 20 years.
Mine high tpos were discovered randomly when allergy md was doing array of labs almost 10 years ago.
Thank you,