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COPD end stage: Anyone else?

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We had to replace our furnace. I looked into a multi stage unit, new AC, a ventilator, a air purifier, a web enabled control, and putting our house into four separate zones. The installation isn’t completed yet, waiting for the zone card. It is an all Bryant system (Evolution). and it is not cheap….. but if it saves one trip to the ER, it will be worth it. Too early to tell. I have a finger oximeter, that can record 24 hrs… then print out a report. I would also recommend joining the COPD foundation group… they have a great support group.

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Thank you for the suggestions.

What do you two suggests as far as help from family? What can we do to help make things easier? My Dad isn’t on O2 yet…but should be. Sometimes his nose is purple- but he refuses to resort to oxygen just yet. He just retired this month. His weight effects him but how can you exercise with lungs that don’t allow you to move around?

@jamienolson I’ll make this quick. I have been fighting copd for many years, use cpap and all that stuff. Exercise: sit in a chair and move your toes around in 2 foot diameter circles, one big toe at a time using your entire leg up to your hip joint. Right then left. Or Left and then right. do it 10 times each. Then more, if you wish. Eventually, after a few days, both at once. Standing, sitting or lying down, tense up your belly muscles and release,do it again and again. Convince your cat or dog or spouse to sleep on your tummy. Tense and release your shoulder muscles. Same with arms and back. and eyelids. Raise your eyebrows 50 times. Close your fists and raise and lower your fingers, one on each hand at a time. Do it 50 times. Same with your jaw. Eventually do all of these in increasing numbers.

Bill, first, good luck on getting all the upgrades done at your home. I sure hope it takes care of reducing the trips to the ER. Since I rent, so the most I can do is have air purifiers. Second, you mentioned joining the COPD foundation group. Is that the official name of the group or are you referring to this group at Mayo Clinic? If it's different than Mayo Clinic, can you give me the name of the group so I can check it out? I love this group at Mayo Clinic but I wouldn't mind joining another group as well just to give me additional people to chat with. Thanks, Bill, and I pray everything gets easier for you once the upgrades are finished. Be at peace.


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