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Thyroid and Body Pain

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Hi, @coloradogirl — very interesting deduction work on your part! If neuropathy is a possibility, have you met the Mayo Clinic Connect moderator who works with our Neuropathy group, @johnbishop? This is the group I’m speaking of: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/neuropathy/.

Are you noticing any burning sensation anywhere else, or is it confined to your feet?

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Hi @lisalucier and @johnbishop. Thanks for your help and concern. I’ve had non-specific leg pain at night for several years now. My doc is great but honestly hasn’t been all the interested in figuring it out because there are so many possible causes that we already know about.

I am hypothyroid and have type II diabetes (although very tightly controlled with diet and my A1C is typically under 5.5). I had obstructive sleep apnea until I started running a couple of years ago. I eventually had to give up the running because the chronic pain + the orthopedic pain from being a heavy 50+ year old runner was just too much. I was hoping that the running would help me lose weight (which the doc thinks would resolve most of these issues) but it didn’t. In fact, at first I actually gained a few pounds due to increased muscle mass.

The burning sensation in my feet is recent and pretty mild but was kind of a tip-off that this could be neuropathy, which could explain the rest of the pain as well. The burning sensation is limited to my toes / ball of the foot right now but I have little “electric shock” feelings in my hands from time to time as well as random stabbing pain or itching from time to time. A few days ago, it was in my ribs and last night, it was in my shin.

I’m honestly trying to decide whether it makes sense to go back to the doc again about this. At a certain point, they get tired of talking about issues that they can’t resolve. They went along recently with a bunch of testing for other auto-immune issues (such as celiac and rheumatoid) but when that all came back negative, I’m wondering if they will just think I’m a hypochondriac.

Hi @coloradogirl. I have some similar situations. Also hypothyroid, not diabetic A1C is 5.4. But while becoming hypo 20 years ago, my legs, calves, bi lateral became very very weak. I have the same electrical feelings running down my legs, more in my left leg. Sometimes it feels like I have batteries in my body. I have to take pain killers for my legs. This is going on for so long. I also notice when I don’t sleep well, which is often, the pain is much worse. I have been to over 100 dr’s in the 20 years and they get tired when hearing my symptoms. Medical marijuana is very hard to get here on Long Island but I have heard a lot of positive feedback. Doctors really don’t care, that is what I have found. Been told I have fibromyalgia but due to the opioid crisis I can’t find a pain management doctor. It really has been a horror.