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Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien)

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My new doctor at the VA refuses to renew my ambien because instead he wants to start me on anti-depressants! I am not depressed, I deal with some anxieties, but once again, the government is making life difficult for the doctors and thus we, the patients suffer.

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In NM both Ambien
& Ultram were added to Schedule IV for purposes of DEA control. Then the dosing was changed for Ambien… women only getting 1/2 (5 mg) the previously Rx’d amount… MDs in this state are also being pressured by Feds as to the amount of Opiate Pain relievers. Some just F w/ patients!! Take their sweet time refilling the Rx thinking you’ll forget??!! Yeah right!! The pain returns AMPLIFIED!! They KNOW that cold detox is very dangerous and can cause cardiac arrest; donthry care?? NO!!

If you are a Fibro
Pt.. it’s a Neuro issue and Insomnia is a part of the profile!! Duh! You will literally go crazy if you don’t get enough sleep; esp REM sleep! At least you are guaranteed 4 Hrs?? Of sleep??

PS: it is super in vogue to require Pain Mgmt Contracts w/ their Pain Mgmt Patients! It’s sad… I know of a friend who is a Lupus & Rheum. arthritis patient that blew out her L/knee. They refused extra Rx for pain for a few days post surgery. They layed in bed crying and screaming in pain! I felt soo bad for her!!

PS: the use of anti depressants is to interrupt the pain message getting to the brain!! (Same receptors)!I will tell you that I was put on several.. one caused me to sweat like a pig.. .. another made lots of my long hair fall out!! No way!! I’m depressed.. but more pissed off that I’m denied pain mgmt that’s commensurate w/ the level of Dx!! Geez… you can’t expect a person to remain at a low dose for 20 yrs!! It don’t work!!

Bet the MDs would think otherwise if it were them!!

Wishing you much luck… thought I’d share from my ?s that my Dr answered when I asked him! He was the only compassionate Physiatrist or Pain Mgmt MD I had after an on duty car accident and Carpal Tunnel surgeries X 5!! Yup!! No mistake!! W/C postponed appropriate level of Tx do it went to my dominant sides elbow.. then shoulder!! I won’t go further except yo say I had to pay for the work related Tx b/c I was just getting steroid shots delaying the inevitable! MY insurance paid for an excellent Surgeon! He told me the truth! Made me steamed!! He told me he’d do his best to help me w/ the pain & other symptoms of pain .. swelling… numbness… throbbing… stiffness… etc!!

God Bless!