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Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien)

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@cokie63 – thanks for all the suggestions of things that you suggest for trying to get a good night's sleep.

When I've experienced insomnia, I'd say my experience with using melatonin has been mixed – I've noticed sometimes it's helped me get to sleep, and sometimes not at all. I have tried a heating pad with me in bed, and that has helped to lull me to sleep (I noted this by accident when using the heating pad for pain, then tried it on other nights for awhile). I personally can't have the room too cool (though my husband would prefer it), or I can't sleep. I often have to have socks on, too, to keep my feet warm enough to get to sleep.

In addition to getting into a sleep pattern, which of these things has helped you the most?

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@lisalucier – hope some of the suggestions help…sometimes it takes more than one try or more than one week trial sometimes even a few weeks but I do find like you the heating pad is wonderful!!! I use two under my spine to my neck. I've been wearing a cervical collar for 3 months at bedtime which has helped relieve alot of neck pain. I used to change my 3 pillows all night long until I got the cervical collar, now I use only one latex pillow. My circumstances have changed. Before I got the peripheral neuropathy in November 2018, I used magnesium and Calm Aid at bedtime and a spritz of lavender in the bedroom. Heating pads are great in fall, winter and spring but not summer. I used to wear socks/booties to bed too because of cold feet util I got this PN. Now my feet burn and I can't wear anything on my feet but when the PN is really severe, I wear compression socks 24/7 which helps it subside but it never goes away. I have always had to use some sort of sound machine due to annoying tinnitus I've had for years that gets worse when my immune system is low or I have a virus. For 2 months now I've been on Gabapentin at bedtime for the PN which helps me fall asleep. I prefer not to be on it but my symptoms are torture so for now I'm using it with the mindset that I will someday be weaning off of it. I've also been on Diazapam for years and have been weaning off that but at a stand still right now. My body right now is backwards. I was not able to drink caffeine for years because it would give me heart palpitations, shakes, tremors and trouble breathing with creepy feelings under my skin with of course loss of sleep. I used to take 3 sips of my husband's coffee when we went fishing and I'd be trying to catch my breath (like a hyperventilation) and I wouldn't want to quit fishing and couldn't sleep all night from the rush and chocolate would do that too. With whatever is causing my PN now, after trying many different things, caffeine is actually reducing my PN and not affecting my sleep. I know it sounds weird but we know our bodies best. I guess what I'm trying to say is trial and error. Listen to your body and try things that are safe. As long as you don't experience bad side effects try it. If I do wake up during the night, I have coffee and read until I'm tired enough to go back to sleep. This is bad because it throws off my time clock and I feel sickly when I wake back up. I am retired so I don;t have a job to go to but if I have an appointment, I'm a mess. What works for one doesn't work for another. I tried Melatonin years ago and it made me sick at 3:00 the next day each time. This chat site is very helpful because of the support and also by writing our experiences we may get that AH HA light bulb moment:)