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Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien)

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I've been using cayene and it helps alleviate some peripheral neuropathy. It has many other brain and health benefits. Something to look up and maybe try while your lowering your Klonopin. The brain responds to the heat of the cayene and the brain releases endorphins and dopamine and I think serotonin.
Some other things that can help with calming and sleep are: Calm Aid(lavender pill OTC), magnesium supplements or(CALM powder), chamomile (I'm allergic to chamomile), amber lighting (sounds funny but wearing amber sunglasses a couple hours before bed works. Stay away from blue light 2 hours before bed like computers, tv wifi etc.). Meditations CDs or pick your own meditations, a sound machine in your bedroom, air purifier, essential oil diffuser (lavender oil is very calming) ,heating pad, a small snack of oatmeal(no sugar) can help blood sugar, read positive books prayers, poems, affirmations, Trazadone and Gabapentin. Try to get fresh air and exercise and increase bright light exposure during the day. Some people use melatonin but makes me ill the next day and doesn't work for sleep for me. Some things take a little while for the body to adjust for sleep. Of course don't drink caffeine. Another calming supplement is L-theanine(makes my dog tired), ginko biloba(never tried it) keep bedroom cool. Be careful with supplements making sure they're third party tested and approved. Take relaxing epsom salt bath or shower. Rule out sleep disorder. Get a comfortable bed, mattress and pillow. Try to get into a sleep pattern. Don't exercise before bed. Don't drink liquids `1 to 2 hours before bed. If I go to bed at 10pm I wake up at 4am. Going to bed after 10:00pm or 10:30pm for me helps me sleep longer. While your cutting back on Klonopin, try some cayenne and crushed red pepper in your meals. Cayene contains CAPSAICIN which has many benefits including helping with the nervous system.

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@cokie63 – thanks for all the suggestions of things that you suggest for trying to get a good night's sleep.

When I've experienced insomnia, I'd say my experience with using melatonin has been mixed – I've noticed sometimes it's helped me get to sleep, and sometimes not at all. I have tried a heating pad with me in bed, and that has helped to lull me to sleep (I noted this by accident when using the heating pad for pain, then tried it on other nights for awhile). I personally can't have the room too cool (though my husband would prefer it), or I can't sleep. I often have to have socks on, too, to keep my feet warm enough to get to sleep.

In addition to getting into a sleep pattern, which of these things has helped you the most?