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Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien)

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@akubanek I am wondering if you could find a sleep therapist. I found mine online. He is a CBT-I. (a psychologist who is trained in Cognitive Behavior Treatment of Insomnia.). I found three in my area. Each one spoke to me at length on the phone. One did not take my insurance and recommended one of the others. My PCP was not aware of this specialty. The therapist consults with the PCP on weaning me off the meds. I still have a way to go, and am hopeful. I am thrilled I no longer take ambien and Xanax. Do try and get some help.

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That’s a good & safer way to accomplrrlish the detox’n. To address Similar nervousness… I wrote me reminder notes for the am so I wouldn’t gorget!! forget! Also, I sipped on Sleepy Time Chamomile Tea. Additionally I would take an Epsom Salts bath… amazing! Reduces your pain..I too was recommended melatonin but, I experienced nightmares! Aweful dreams! Also, drinking Cherry juice is also related
To melatonin. But tried Nighttime formula NyQuil. that works for me. Do NOT take Benedryl!! They have a caution places in them for being an Anticholernergic which hastens Alzheimers!!

Also the dosing for all changed ~ 5-6?yrs ago. Women are 4 mg of Ambien/Zolpidem 6 mg for men. I survived that transition. Can’t say it wasn’t a challenge.. but I survived.

I’d be inclined to research MDs that allow tor the Rx of at least 4 mg of Ambien. They tend to be spooked w/ all the dizzing opinions about pain medicines. They don’t know what pain really is till it happens to them!! Then all of a sudden it’s REAL!! Don’t worry that you coul be addicted…. you’re NOT! There is s difference in NEEDING pain b/c you crave it and need it to eradicate or minimize pain! My Sister is an MD and had to explain the difference. She told me you’re not out in the streets trying to get all you could if ANY pain Rx!!

Additionally, there are pain clinics that can help w/ exercises that are safe to try Ie Tai Chi that help w/ flexibility and vs Fill contact kick-boxing.

PS: I was forced to endure numerous full cessation NO tapering of my pain meds! That can precipitate a heart attack or cerebral vascular event! It was due to Workers Comp not wanting to pa! Also…. the PhD not caring about the fact that auto -Fill is to help all Rxs be on time. Instead they “forgot”to activate it on that Rx!! (on accidental on purpose!!) Soo I go several days w/o Rxs!! I die w/ severe heart burn w/ just Advil! Oh.. I wish you doo much more than I got! I was practically suicidal! When I found my MD as my Primsry Dr. She requires 6 mo Pain Mgmt meeting and urinalysis. & signing a Pain Mgmt Contract to only let her Rx your pain meds…. but I have nothing to hide if I get my meds!!

Almost forgot.. white or pink noise App on my phone! I put it on to sleep w/ a sleep mask. It drowns out little noises that can wake me up!! Sooo helpful!! I wish you well!! My Friend! 💜🙏🏻🌹🌈