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Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien)

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Hi. Am new to Connect. I’ve been on ambien (5 mg) for years. Absolutely a security blanket. I also take .25 Xanax and a melatonin. My doctor wants me off the ambien and Xanax and thinks therapy to reduce stress and anxiety is the answer. I have no stress or anxiety at this time in my life, I couldn’t be happier. However, If I don’t take the ambien at bedtime, I eventually take it hours later after not sleeping, Need help in weaning.

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Go slowly is my advise. I know where you are. I was on 15 mil. For 20 years. I have been listening to meditation apps just before bedtime. This is helping me. Teaches me to clear my mind so that I can fall asleep. Also focusing on not worrying about sleep. You will make it will through this. One day at a time. Message me anytime.

I quit cold turkey as it was messing with me! It's been tough. My allergies and worrying is not helping.
I am still trying to figure this out but think it's best to stay away from ambien.

Sorry, I bumped a button and lost what I started. Basically, take one pill and crush it - then mix / shake it with 3 mg of water - use two syringes [ 1mg. and a 3mg. ] to measure out 1/100 reduction per day until you get down to 0. It will take 100 days. You will have to make a chart with your reduction schedule. Double check your math! Log each day and the reduction on a calendar. You should talk to your doctor first. This is the only way to slowly wean off very slowly. Your brain may fight the reduction and you may not sleep from time to time. Remember, this is hard, a pain in the butt. It will work. I will be working on a table of measurements sometime this winter and post it to this site (if allowed). Good luck.