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Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien)

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I take Remeron as Ambien and a couple of other sleep only meds did not do the trick for me and I have no qualms about using it forever if necessary. I also take three other meds for my depression/anxiety and opiates for my pain. I never want to speak ill of anyone, but those who worry about your addiction; Are they content to spend every night that you are awake all night on the phone with you? I think I have overstated my viewpoint, but are there those out there who take Ambien or another prescription sleep medication that they would describe their experiences for us. Have you tried stopping due to dependence or some other reason? What difference has no longer being an insomniac made in your life? I would appreciate anyone else’s experience and views on this topic.

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I have taken it daily (more accurately nightly) for more than a decade. I will from time to time move my dose down from 10mg to 5mg. It's doable based on my general stress level and (bipolar) stability. But something every night. I have no "compulsion" or "craving" for higher doses than what is needed and prescribed. I have found that a great indicator of an oncoming "episode" of bipolar is frequently my sleep. Poor sleep for more than a couple of days almost guarantees "problems". I take it at night, at home, where I have my family. If I don't get to bed within about 30 minutes, yes, I get bitchy, argumentative, and have no memory of it the next day. Funny, but they usually make sure I'm in bed in 30 minutes! I've tried going without my mood stabilizers – never again. Big mistake, at least for me. I've tried going without ambien, again, big mistake. I also have asthma. I take an inhaled steroid, and have for over 4 decades. I will have to do this until the day I die. Nobody says I'm "addicted" to steroids. Yeah, I could live without it, going in and out of the hospital where they'd put in an IV, pushing steroids! I was in a psych ward 1 time. 1 time was enough more me. I will take my psych meds, every day until I die as well. All of them, which means ambien as well.