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Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien)

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I have been taking 10 mg of Ambien for the last ten years. I have tried melatonin but it did not work for me. I understand that it is important to be under a doctor’s supervision when you cut back on Ambien. Anyone here who has been successful in terms of cutting back/quitting Ambien?

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I was taking Ambien for almost 15 years…no problems..Started having bad side effects such as bringing food into bed and not remembering a thing, bad pains in my stomach with nausea. . Stopped it cold turkey. Tried anxiety meds, melatonin, chamomile tea, but didn’t do anything to help. Smoking MJ helped in the beginning but it’s not helping much now. I’m desperate. The only thing that knocks me out is Ambien but I’m afraid.

I was just started on 10 mg ambien recently. Let me know if you were successful in cutting back/quitting.

Yes. I hav cut down 20 mg to 5mg and still going. I am using melatonin. I am weaning slowly as there is a mental part to this. I also use a teenybopper bit of ambien if my mind will not shut off. Good luck.

Not me yet, I am taking way too many because my tolerance level is high now with it, I need to get off but don't know how. My insurance doesn't cover mental health for in treatment and I can't afford it. I saw a psychiatrist for a year but she had me on Zombie meds so I weaned myself off them a year later and they were expensive but not treating my insomnia and anxiety issues. $350.00 to see her every 6 months and then the med cost and it wasn't solving my problems. Any ideas other than locking me in a room for 2 weeks and deal with the insomnia. I had it since I was a child so this is a long time of this so Ambien is a lifesaver but killing us at the same time. Before the Psychiatrist I saw a therapist and really felt the need to send me for more care.

I was prescribed Ambien in 1992 15-mg at bedtime due to a number of Neurologist-diagnosed sleep disorders. Over the years I lowered the dose to 2.5 mg (half a 5 mg tablet). Recently I started taking 1 mg of Melatonin after having stopped the Ambien. This was over 2 months ago and I seem to be sleeping quite well. Considering that I had been taking this medication every night for over 25 yrs I was surprised at how well I am sleeping without it.

I took /take Ambien AKA: Zolpidiem and used to be Rx’d 10 mg doses Q @ pm. Then came a change about 6 yrs ago… I was told the max allowable for females is/ was 4 mg and men 5 mg. Sooo that was a hard shock on my system… all I can say is ask your MD if you should be detoxing period. If soo… buy a pill cutter… take it down slow and lower q @ week… ie 1/2 the pill for 2 weeks… then 1/4 the pill q 2 wks.. then 0!! I tried to take melatonin but I had bad nightmares & got no sleep. I know humans need sleep to reboot… so at least 5 hrs guaranteed is valued. I wear a memory foam sleep mask.. no nightlights.. or Computer w/ o blue blocker glasses.. I dim my screen… & sip in Camamille (sp?) tea.. also warm shower that allows my body to cool down to signal my body it’s sleep time! Also, I exercise… to try to tire my body… to boost the chances I will fall asleep. A tip I use.. I sprinkle baby powder inside my pillowcase… it comforts me… let’s me chill to go to sleep! Do NOT take Benadryl! It is an anticholergenic which hastens dementia/Alzheimers! Look up this class of Rxs… I won’t take them and ask my MD if she forgets!!

Good Luck!!

Do NOT go cold turkey!! Could cause a medical emergency… ie Heart attack!!

I've been on Ambien, prescribed by different neurologists since 1990s due to sleep deprivation. At times, I had to to use 20 mg Ambien in order to sleep. Had sleep study on 2015, diagnosed with sleep apnea, but the specialist did not follow up on his own study order. On 10/2019, had 2 sleep studies, indicated sleep apnea. Have been on CPAP since last November which has helped me markedly. I have been able to reduce the dose to 2.5-5mg and at times, don't use it at all.

I been on it for years as well. I can't sleep without of them. But going try to cut my in half for aweek then going try stop completing. Been so long on it and with this sleep apnea started fell more tired and sleepy doing the day. So going get off of it. I afraid to do it cold turkey.

I started with cutting of a bit by bit from 12.5 mg to 3/4of it. Tough at First few nights about a week. Now stay on course of it with changing my sleeping hours and habits. No night light, computer , or being active after 9:00pm. Push myself to meditate and trying not to worry about getting sleep. Wake up early and exercise. No afternoon nap and keep moving if feeling tired in the afternoon. Yoga at 5 pm for an hour and prepare myself to bedtime. Hope next month or two I will cut it to 1/2 of 12.5 mg ER. Wish me luck!

I too take ambein 10mg for over ten years..I have no desire to stop.I remember how horrible it felt not to sleep..had sleep study..results were I had the worst results ..I will continue the ambein …sleep is better then no sleep….