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I urge people who have been on heavy doses of antipsychotics for years to ask your psychiatrists if long term use will create any medical or mental health repercussions in the future. Decades ago there was a tragic and cruel method to calm mentally ill using lobotomy. A procedure that early years a doctor (stumped right now of his name) performed this procedure first cutting into the head of a person who may have been out of control, removing tissue from the front lobe. As he got better at this, he figured a way to make the procedure more efficient and began using an ice pick in which he inserted under the eye lid in an effort to be able to perform even more labotomys on as many he could do. It was an effort to perhaps cure people by making them have loss of alertness or docile. I find this to be torturous and in humane. You are probably aware of two women who had this treatment….JFKs sister, and Tennessee Williams sister. Both were institutionalized. Both men regretted having this procedure performed as both women suffered incoherence and were not able to live normal lives. Then later came electrical convulsant therapy, ECT without any anesthesia. Often referred to as “shock treatments”, they still exist today but use light anesthesia. My point is, in later years they found these procedures to be brutal and destructive. Therefore, if the old and new antipsychotics I have taken over the last years , will they someday prove to be harmful.

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I guess time will tell. What anti-psychotics are you referring to?


I wonder exactly the same thing. abby

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