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Left shoulder pain after eating or drinking

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Hello @jrofri and welcome to Mayo Connect.

I am sorry to hear about the pain you are experiencing in your shoulder, arm, neck and ear after meals. That sounds very uncomfortable. If you are comfortable sharing more about yourself, it would help to know some more information. For example: how long have you experienced this pain? Have you had any other digestive symptoms (like GERD, ulcers, gall bladder problems, etc.)? Have you had any stomach or abdominal surgery?

By giving our Members a bit more information, perhaps someone else in our community might be able to share a similar experience with you. We look forward to getting to know.

One last question, have you talked with your doctor about this pain?


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Hello Teresa, Yes, I am in continual contact with my gastroenterologist. He is at a standstill as to an answer for me. I have had numerous testing and everything comes back normal, no answers. He has diagnosed me as having GERD but none treatments do not help. I DO NOT experience heart burn, or acid reflux with these episodes. I had a microscopic removal of my gall bladder in 2005. No stomach or abdominal surgery. I do have a hernia just above my navel, but Primary and Gasto says it is of no cause to what I have been experiencing for approximately 4 years, as well as response of my Primary. It comes and goes, usually staying for 3-4 months, then goes away, then comes back. I did have Chemo in 2010 for Large B Cell Lymphoma, 1st stage. VERY HEAVY doses of Chemo, 5 – 4hr hour sessions. I have been clear for 7 years. I am in constant connection with Oncologist. I also have AfiB, using Tikosan and Eliquis for heart. In continuous connection with Coronary Dr. Have talked with all three of my Drs. CONTINUALLY with this shoulder problem. I am beginning to think it may be a nerve problem and am in the process of contacting a Neurologist after referral from Primary. Thank you for listening to my tale of WOE. Judy


Mayo Connect is here to hear everyone’s story – I wish there were some easy answers to your problem but it sounds as if you have covered a lot of territory with specialists and medical tests.

It looks like there have been some posts from other Members recently. Perhaps you will find something that will strike a familiar chord.

The one thing that most of us at Mayo Connect have found to be true is that when a reason or diagnosis isn’t obvious to persist and keep looking.

Are you able to go to a large medical research center of university medical school? Often these venues have lots of varied experiences with hard-to-diagnose disorders and can be quite helpful.


I also had chemo 10+ y ago. And radiation. Perhaps it caused a change leafing to the shoulder problem 

Hi Judy,
I don’t want to send you off in a different direction, but a colleague of mine suffers from a condition called “frozen shoulder” which is now spreading to her other shoulder. Her symptoms sound similar to yours and it may be something for you to explore?


Was the radiation given in or near the shoulder area?


Marlaxyz@Marlaxyz Hi, Thanks for your suggestion. I asked my Oncologist that question today about chemo (7 yrs ago) related to gastro/shoulder pain after eating. He said he could not correlate the two issues and dismissed my shoulder pain issue. Thanks for the suggestion. Judy

I try to ask the same question of different mds. Having misdiagnosed in a very grave error (no pun intended) i am wary of doctors and suspect shenanigans. You know your situation best. Wishing you excellent luck with all this.

thank you. I am going to discuss with a PT

No, pelvic area. But i found that the effect of radiation are widespread.

BTW, there is another disease called MALs which seems to have similar symptoms. I haven’t really checked it out yet. The md i discussed it with didn’t have info and there are some tests re hiatal hernia that are next in priority.

@marlaxyz There is a MALS discussion group on Mayo Connect. You might get more insight from that group. @kariulrich is a Volunteer Mentor who knows something about MALS. Perhaps she can offer you some suggestions.


Thank you, Teresa; I was remiss in mentioning the MALS group. Here’s the link to an active, incredibly informative discussion about discussion, “Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome (MALS)” https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/median-arcuate-ligament-syndrome-mals/

@marlaxyz Nice to meet you, and thank you @hopeful33250 for tagging me. I am a little late in this conversation, I apologize. I would love to hear more about what you are experiencing with your pain, is it primarily after you eat or can it happen anytime? Please feel free to message me here or come over to the MALS page that @kanaazpereira posted below, maybe we can offer some insight from our experiences. I look forward to hearing from you.

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