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Anyone have River Blindness in Southeastern US?

I have been dealing with a disabling and debilitating Parasitic ailment for more than 5 years now.

Started with tremendous hair loss and a scab on the outer corner of my left eye that couldn’t be removed. Also, Visible bugs Deep under dermis. And darker colored hairs than my natural hair color around these insects deep under skin. Have developed leopard spots and thin crepey looking skin on lower limbs on arms and legs.

As I am ONLY on Medicaid, and already on all types of meds due to seizures and resulting bone fractures, I have been prejudged as a drug seeker or someone with delusory parasitosis.

Specialist after specialist do not seem to have enough empathy to actually LISTEN to me. Much less diagnose me and help heal me properly. They will not view my thousands of pix of the striped large insects that are ejected in my stool (only during certain cycles of life stages.

I’m under age 50, female & Ive had part of my lung removed and have Glaucoma in one eye already. Not to mention several broken metatarsal bones in one foot. My teeth are now falling out. They are black!

I’ve resorted to taking canine versions of Ivermectin matching my weight every 4-5 months with Gawd Awful side effects.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to route my way thru this medical world, to find a tropical neglected disease specialist, an epidemiologist, who’s willing to diagnose me and properly eliminate the adult worms? I need at least 4-6 weeks of Doxycycline to eliminate the adult worms.

I am ready to end my life over this bloody horror & travesty of inaccurate & indifferent medical specialists.

Please—I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you 🙏🏻

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Hi! My heart breaks for you! I hope you didn’t follow through and are still here with us. My brother has parasites and is told it’s just in his head but they are real but he’s unable to get pictures because he lives by himself and it seems they only surface at night.would you have pics of the parasites you have and be able to share? Tks.

Your story is so similar to mine. We need Albendazole which is prescribed by a doctor. My primary refused to prescribe it to me and an idiot that did not have any parasite background in infectious disease put in my history that I'm delusional so now doctors see that and just dismiss me. I feel the same way. I have taken the dog pills and they didn't do it and I've taken ivermectin didn't do it. I'm trying to keep a journal and a list of all the doctors that dismissed me. Maybe if I get this solved before I die with the right attorney I will own the hospital and those doctors should lose their jobs.

Going through some very similar things. So sorry for your pain, I was hospitalized maybe 6 months ago. I was going through bouts where I have intestinal pain so bad that I was doubled over screaming, had diarrhea and if took Imodium then I'd be vomiting. Up to a month at a time I laid in bed screaming, terrified to go to ER because of past experiences. One of which I went in complaining of shedding worms from my skin and extreme itching. I had taken in samples of the parasites and a hand held microscope. It was all I could do to pull myself from bed and drive myself there. They basically wrote me off a delusional and wouldn't even allow me to see a doctor. Sent a prescription cream to a different pharmacy than I told them. I never could get it filled. The second trip to ER took me two days just to prepare myself to go. I had worms in my eyes. I tried eye washes, at the time most I discovered were clear and very thin or similar to eye lashes. It felt as if my eyelashes were continually falling out into my eyes. I also had maybe 30+ large oval shaped cyst like growths in my abdominal area at different depths. I mentioned both these issues. They only examined my eyes. Of course they couldn't find anything but referred me to an eye doctor. My preparation just to go to the ER consisted of scrubbing the hell out myself in the shower, using the hottest water I could stand. Usually this process takes a good half an hour. This time was longer because I had discovered that the worms were effected by lice shampoo. I used it on my entire body (Big mistake!) If anyone should try this; DO NOT USE IN PUBIC AREA! Many of my worms fled into other surrounding openings, Urinary tract being one. Just prior to the time they were discharging me they handed me a urine sample cup. I tried to go and had severe pain and nothing came out, totally blocked by worms. yet as soon as I tried to stand it would start trickling out and run down my leg. By the time I was able to leave the bathroom it was all I could do to keep from screaming on account of the pain I was now enduring.
I wouldn't wish this nightmare on my worst enemy! I rarely ever leave the house afraid of exposing others to the worms, They are very contagious!
I have anemia (severe), vitamin D deficiency. what they diagnosed as (2)blood clots in left leg ,blood test results were way out of whack. and what I call Headaches from HELL! I have no motivation on top of endocrine disorders. Literally I had told my doctor that death by Covid would be a blessing!
My plan was to endure and pray "God take me home." Instead Paramedics came and took me to the hospital, but first they tried to talk me out of going; stating that my vitals were normal and more than likely I would be discharged as had been the case before. As it turned out the scans they did that night showed I had intussusception, a part of my intestine had slid inside of itself. Rare condition usually caused by blockage. There was a flat, mostly round worm about 4 inches in diameter that was passed in my stool, resembled a fruit roll up because it was curled up around itself. The nurse came in an supposedly took the sample and sent it to lab. Somewhere along the way it was lost. They collected another sample the next day. They wanted to surgically remove part of my intestine. I knew I would not have survived and refused to allow it. I opted for another procedure to use air to push the intestine back in place. It never happened! They wanted to do one thing and it was their goal. I endured so much torture in the hospital. I was starved, dehydrated, poked to death and forced to be on heparin while I there. I was supposed to be getting fluids but blood thinners took priority and they could only get one line in. "Tell me please, does this make sense? Proposed Surgery and Blood Thinners?
Oh my roommate was SMI and strapped to her bed. She screamed constantly and had to have a sitter with her at all times.
I'm not even going to start on my rant about lack of adequate pain management.
Days passed and I was discharged because I withheld consent to surgery. After returning home I started having swelling in my lower legs, mostly the left, and my left foot swelled so bad I could not put on shoes, some hand swelling as well. As a result of the blood thinners the worms were able to migrate more freely and all night, every night I started having RLS restless leg syndrome, kicking and agitation. The longest time lasted 9 hrs. I thought it would never end.
I started treating myself as best I could. WORMWOOD has been a blessing. It healed my intestine, reduced the number of cysts and eventually reduced inflammation in my body as well as the RLS.
1 week after my hospital discharge my doctor received a report with the results of the stool sample they had processed. Findings: a few multiple species of parasitic worms. My PCP has yet to acknowledge or provide treatment and I have asked.
I started losing sight in my right eye recently it has a clear film covered in what they call floaters. I've had sinus drainage into my throat that is like rubber cement and I've blown worms from my nose. Strange smells of either something burning (smoldering) or as if my nose has been reamed out with bleach. This is increasing in frequency.
I am now trying fenbendazole which shows promise. Humans only absorb about 20% of this drug taken with high fat and slow digesting foods, I'm still working on getting higher concentrations into my body.
I hope my babbling on can help someone out there.

Hello! Did you ever find out what it was or is? Treatment? I’m going through the exact thing!!?

Did you get help and figure anything out???

Did you find anything out? Any help? Treatment? I’m going through the same thing for over 2 years now and it’s ruined my life in many ways… please share any information

If you could send me some samples of these worms and also pictures, I would be willing to try to find out what they are. Would you be able to place them in some saline solution in a small bag then put the bag in a container like a small plastic screw top container and send it to me. I am a lab tech that has studied worm and parasites. William K. Dettwyler MT, AMT at 5555 Sunnyview Rd. NE, Salem Oregon 97305