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Hey I’m also going through this for the last two years. Many doctors visits with no closer only to be told it’s in my head bruh this is hard to deal with while being a husband and father of 5 . This thing is real small flakes or hairs come out your hair pours itchy bitting crawling . There multiple colors flakes Red blue black also small seeded droplets I leave behind . It’s like it eat away at the skin leaving sores and always active running through the hair of your body . I really need help I been dealing with but I notice it’s only getting worse . Since going through this my vision getting blurry do to that small tracing I find around my eyes known as eye floaters. I’m to young for this I just want a fighting chance. I’m not crazy or a gook now lemme share this I order red iPhone 6 case believe me this phone case was fading leaving red stringy hair that I thought was fiberglass but couldn’t be cause case was plastic. I swear on my grandma I started feeling this symptoms . This was 7/2019 till this day I’m going through my kids or suffering from this also my 7 year old leg so scab up it don’t go away . I scared because people around me or breathing this micro small fiber and I do get hair cuts and it gross because the public don’t know .. Please and need help begging the cdc medical doctor help .

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I sympathize for you. Have you looked into Microbe Formula? They have high-grade products and support. It’s a line that was created by doctors who suffered parasitic infections, and could not find a cure.

Look at info on scabies.....