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Hello @wendybelike and welcome to Connect.

I can hear the concern in your post about parasites. I tried researching a bit about parasites that resemble hair and it does seem that there are some out there, but not being a medical professional myself I do not feel comfortable sharing information from sources I am unfamiliar with.

I have also included Mayo Clinic's page on Infectious Disease that also includes a link to request an appointment and a second opinion should you seek one, https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/infectious-diseases/symptoms-causes/syc-20351173.

If you feel comfortable sharing, could you tell us a bit more about what you think they are? You mention they look like hair, are they causing irritation on the scalp? You also mention that doctors have not been of any help, did they run any tests or take any samples?

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They not only look like hair..... They look like filmentous hyphae or dog hookworms. Or even filmentous anctinobacteria. There is a lot more to it. Mine started in July. I still can't even catagorize them as ameabo, works, fungus, or large bacteria. Craziest thing I've ever seen

Hi Justin,
My doc suggested a doc in st Louis that is >$2000 and not covered by my awesome insurance:(
I have seen many postings r/t parasites and medications from Mayo so I thought I would make an appointment there.
I'm so sad to read people are not taken seriously when they are seen there. I am educated, perceptive and cannot lie.. something about my face gives me up every time. I have gross parasites, kids, grandkids and bills to pay, so I have no time to make up pictures or the bizarre things that have come off of my body - that are unrealllll to me! Actual, tactile things that no doctor wanted to look at under a microscope? why?
I'm sure ppl had COVID for months before some doc defined it. They had to acknowledge that their negative testing and progressing symptoms meant there REALL WAS something going on.
A 50 y/o MAN tested negative 4 times but his SX progressed...
they acknowledged their test wasn't working so they figured out they needed another way to get the right diagnosis and did an invasive test.
This reminds me of the always a negative O&P sample an AI cannot identify. As the patient gets progressively worse all doctors refer to the 1 worst test in the world as the official end to their testing. How are these double standards acceptable?? Who cares if ANYONE has parasites. It's a medical issue. WHYYY isn't a picture or tactile thing proof? Sores on people are not normal. Just like anything initial testing can't find.. work hard to figure it out for your human being.
All of that aside..
I think I know the hair and Amoebas interrelate? (I don't know what class they are in, but they look like Amoebas to me).

Is Mayo a good place to go? Will they treat me like a human being? I am happy to have a psych eval. I've a counselor and psychiatrist for 4 years- for my add meds, but now additional meds to help me sleep instead of lay awake an feel things crawling on me.

This is America. Not a third world country! Hospitals treat homeless people for everything, but banish/shun/belittle human beings for saying they have parasites?? unreal to me.
I see 'markings' on about 80% of people just walking around... so maybe the medial community should start to notice the 'bedbugs' that aren't really bedbugs?? All the dermatology issues women cannot get diagnosed??? The increase in cancer cases in younger and younger patients... parasite cells resemble CANCER cells..

It's just a medical condition that the doctor isn't familiar with. Like COVID was a condition no one knew about... until it was a pandemic.