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I’ve been reading about EnLyte and it seems to be mostly a B12 combination. It stated that it is used as an adjunct to regular anti-depressants and it’s primary use is for pernicious anemia. It states “Rx only” ….. so why is it on Amazon? I think I’ll just push my intake of Vit B Complex, B-12 and B-16 up a bit and see if that does anything. If not, next time I see my Psychiatrist I’ll ask him about it.

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Hi. I am new to blogging. But I want to comment on the idea of buying B vitamins by themselves instead of the Enlyte:
It may not work. A family member has been prescribed Enlyte.
They did some tests on him and what I understand is that he lacks the enzyme that metabolizes folic acid and other B vitamins into the nutrient called l-methylfolate.
And so, just taking the vitamins would not work for him. He needs the l-methylfolate directly so that he won’t need to metabolize it in his body.
What I understand is that l-methylfolate is what really gets to your brain and helps it produce the seratonin and other substances that most people with depresión don’t produce easily in their brain.
So, it really may not help to just buy the vitamin B complex supplements.
Having said that I do have a question that you all may want to bring to your doctors:
There is l-methylfolate sold on Amazon by itself without the extra things that Enlyte has. It goes for ~$15 for 30 capsules of 7.5 mg which I similar to the 7mg that Enlyte claims to have
You may want to ask your doctors why that wouldn’t work.

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