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Hello @georgette12

It is so good to hear from you! It has been awhile since you last posted. I have never heard of Enlyte before, so I did a google search and I did find that it is a supplement of vitamins (B vitamins, D and folic acid). Here is the website for those who are not familiar with it, http://www.enlyterx.com/about-enlyte/.

Have you begun this vitamin therapy yet? We would all be interested in knowing how it works for you. Also, has your doctor treated other clients of his/hers with this supplement? We look forward to hearing from you.


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, tThanks for remembering me! I’ve been off line. I’ve had a very rough time and meds have not worked. To answer your question first. I started ENLYTE 4 weeks ago. I was not responding to anything and my psychiatrist and I had a serious discussion as to how the brain works and how, in some cases, meds will just not work due to the way an individual brain functions. Since I have already had ECT treatments with zero results…that indicated to my doctor that he needed to go a completely different route. He did use this with other patients with good results.
So, after 4 days of taking that, one capsule a day, I felt a tiny tiny tiny bit better! Then each day I felt a tiny bit better. So, when I started it, I was extremely anxious, crying constantly and really scared about my mental health. I kept getting a bit better and then after 3 weeks I was noticeably better. So I am almost done with the 4th week. And I am 50 percent better. more to come

How have you been feeling on the Enlyte? Its been about 2 weeks since you posted
Do you know if you have the MTHFR gene?

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