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Soft Food Suggestions

Head & Neck Cancer | Last Active: Nov 10, 2022 | Replies (37)

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Memories! I lived on soup, coddled eggs, and avocado. I must say I started juicing after surgery, and still juice once a day, for breakfast every day. I also did a lot of protein shakes. I had to be strong for radiation treatment, and I did very well with energy levels during radiation. After radiation, my mouth was so burnt, that I lost around 40 pounds. I could hardly drink It was the most difficult part of it all. But here I am, four and a half years later, having regained about 30 pounds, and strong and active. I eat almost everything, that is, if I can bite it. Even though I did a lot of opening mouth exercises, my bite is limited. I take longer time to eat, but I think that is to my advantage.

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That radiation really does a number on your mouth, doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing your ideas. Did you find the juice to be gentle enough on your mouth? I had a hard time because it was acidic. I’d love to hear some of your favorite juice recipes!

Someone said that avocado and tinned salmon makes a nice puree. I found that fruit juices would sting for a whole after treatment – even bananas would sting! But now I have a craving for squeezed orange juice and can tolerate it quite well. I have the limited bite too, Loli. Glad you are strong and active. That is encouraging for people still going through treatment.