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Hi @colleenyoung. My surgery was Wednesday. I have some random memories of the surgery and I was in distress. I remember a man came to give me a breathing treatment and he was upset that they called him. I was in and out of it. I remember him telling me I needed to see a specialist and that this was not normal. I also remember being in the OR and being shaken a lot and hearing them try to wake me up. The doctor never said anything to my friend when he talked to her. I have really been out of it and my head is just starting to clear up. I was sedated with Versed and Fentanyl. I have had trouble waking up from Versed in the past so the combo really knocked me out. That is noted in my charts and I told the doctor that before surgery. This is the first time I have had trouble breathing. I have also been feeling sick to my stomach. I have had a metalic taste in my mouth, my ear felt fuzzy, and I have had sweats and chills. They are trying to play it down like I just had some trouble waking up and breathing. I need to know what really happened that day. I need to see a specialist about the hypoxia and then I am trying to figure out where to go from there. I really could use some advice.This was not at the Mayo Clinic. I am a long way from there. I also had a total knee replacement in May and it went well and I was alert afterwards.

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@ssbionicknee I might suggest that you call Patient Relations or the Patient Experience Office at the hospital where you were treated.