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bradycardia -- what's a too-low heart rate?

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I just had ICM (implantable cardiac monitor, LINC implanted last Thursday due to erratic heart beat. Low as 37 at night and high up to 161. Doctor said anything in low 30's is cause for alarm, which is why he did the procedure. There is no diet that can reverse heart disease, I have an enlarged heart, can not be reversed with diet , per my doctor. He said to lose weight and exercise, would be bet thing for my heart.

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kenv267, I gotta share. This falls into the FWIW (For What It's Worth) category. After all, you are not me. You are unique.

At one point, at 5' 5" tall, I weighed 187.5 lbs! I now weigh 115 - 117. Not certain since I've not stepped on the scale for a few days. Usually weigh myself once or twice a year now.

My weight gain was from every female problem (PCOS, fibroid tumors and endometriosis), low energy due to serious anemia. Got those issues resolved and got a job in an automotive factory. Numerous injuries forced me to be sedentary. Thought I was eating properly but was eating too many carbs 20+ years ago. We didn't know then what we know now...

So, how did I lose 70 pounds despite being an old lady? I was steered to a book. Don't know if it's still in print. Check Amazon, eBay or Alibris. No dieting, no meetings, no public weigh ins, no calorie counting, no restrictions, no point system.

The title of the book? The Weigh Down by Gwen Shamblin. Changed my life!

Early on, all I had to do was step on my scale at home around the same time every day. And read the book. Get inspired! Recognize and embrace the message. I could wax prolix and reveal what changed my life but, again, you are you.

I will share that Gwen Shamblin used to compete in beauty pageants and, like the other contestants, she was obsessed with calories, her weight, etc. Other contestants were inducing regurgitation or using laxatives. She knew this was NOT healthy. She had her personal revelation and... I. Had. Mine!

I've lost the weight and kept it off for years and years now!

Wishing you the best and, yes, your doctor is right. Get moving!!!! In another thread I shared my journey re: exercise despite dozens of acute and cumulative injuries.