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Welcome to Connect: I hope this will help you.
I can understand your pain going through this accident with your daughter. On Aug 15, my husband was in a serious crash, where the vehicle he was driving on the Salt Flats during SPEEDWEEK was
destroyed after hitting a salt pot hole, digging the nose of the vehicle into the salt, sending it 50 feet into the air, cartwheeling 4 times and then rolling 4 times to a stop going over 200 miles per hour.
He sustained 15 fractures including 4 broken ribs, 9 spine, knee patella and tibia and a TBI that required surgery two weeks ago, to relieve pressure on the brain. He is doing remarkable.

Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I never smoked. I had a 3cm tumor and most of my left lung removed. I can understand very well the challenges your daughter is going through with the lung challenge.

I could not breath. Then Mayo Clinic and Dr Amit Sood afforded me the opportunity to be in the Paced Breathing Research Study. It literally saved my life. It was a slow process. However, the paced breathing dvd is now on my phone. I listen to it when I run, hike, ski, climb, bicycle and get stressed.

I have a feeling the drama of the mind and body may be a part of the challenge of breathing properly. I learned how to retrain my brain and body and sole. Let got of the challenge of living and now I live a great life...one day at a time. I ran a 5K race in 50 states beginning three years after surgery, then a 10K in every continent. I submitted Kilimanjaro in 2016.

I played the Paced Breathing on my iPhone, in the intensive critical near care unit when my husband was critical. The nurses said, what is that, your husband has stabilized in 15 minutes.

Please check out Dr Amit Sood at Mayo Clinic. He has a web site, And his book Happiness is a great introduction to getting a life back together. I have never met a kinder teacher than Dr Sood. If you live near Mayo Clinic he often speaks.

I believe in miracles too. We each have been blessed haven't we? You deserve a cyber hug.

Lets stay connected.

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Thank you. I will check out your recommendation. We live in Albany NY

Good luck to your husband and his recovery. I'm sorry about his accident and injuries. Sounds like with you in his corner he will have ever advantage to getting well