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Link between Seroquel and Heart Problems?

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I was put on Seroquel in 2008 & was diagnosed with idiopathic cardiomyopathy, congestive heart failure & a long QT in 2013 at the age of 30. They said it could’ve been from a virus as well, they weren’t really sure. I had an ejection fraction of 20/25 when I was diagnosed. I have had an AICD (pacemaker & defribulator) implanted & have fought to build my endurance back up. I used to get exerted after about 15 minutes of housework & I can now do housework for up to 2/3 hours without a break. My ejection fraction has been a normal 50 for 14 months now! Anyway, throughout all of this it has been mentioned multiple times, by multiple doctors to discuss the use of Seroquel. I have tried several times to wean off and have given in each time because the withdrawals are so awful. I was told last week by an endocrinologist that I really have to find a way to discontinue this medication because now I am pre diabetic on top of super high cholesterol and triglycerides. I have cut back to half my reg dose and in a few days I’m going to cut that in half until I’m off of it. This medication has been worse for my health than any good it may have provided.

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Hello @loveallmyboys

I see that this is your first post on Mayo Connect, welcome!

I appreciate that you took the time to share your experience with Seroquel. I can understand your concern with this medicine.
At age 30, having a CHF must have been quite discouraging. I am glad to read that you are doing much better now. I appreciate all of the progress you have made in treating the CHF. You have been very proactive in taking care of yourself.

Have any doctors offered you any help in getting you off the Seroquel? Perhaps substituting it with another less dangerous drug? Have you consulted a psychiatrist (medical doctor who can prescribe mental health meds) to see if he/she could offer you some suggestions?


How much seroquel did you take? I was on 300 mg and I am now on 200 mgs. I started it a year ago. I would like to get completely off but my doctor doesn't want me to do that.4

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