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Hi, @retiredteacher -- you may have seen this recent thread on Mayo Clinic Connect: http://mayocl.in/2m6abr2. If not, thought you'd be interested in it and may be interested in dialoguing with some of the members there, if you are still investigating.

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Thanks @lisalucier. I stopped investigating turmeric. I read articles and found several people to talk to about it. (Not doctors, but people who have had experience with it) After weighing my situation, I decided not to take turmeric. I am hesitant to take any medicines unless I have absolute faith in the claims, and I didn't find enough pros for this herb for me.

I continue not to have to take any meds for my diabetes2, but my blood is still high in the A.M. It goes down during the day, and then it seems that regardless of what I eat for supper, it is still high in the A.M. When I asked the endo. about that, I think I told you, he made no suggestions or comment---"just keep doing what you're doing as numbers are really good."

For the last weeks diabetes is not my main problem; I am having horrific personal problems that have made me feel ill and have insomnia. I don't think there is a solution, but I am spending my time trying to find some answers. So diabetes is on the back burner for now.

I hope everyone is doing well with their diabetes and other health issues. We all have crosses to bear and then add illness and it's like the weight of the world on our shoulders.

God bless all.


Hello @retiredteacher

I am sorry to hear that personal problems are weighing you down right now. Take care of yourself!


Hi, @retiredteacher -- I echo @hopeful33250 Teresa's message. Also hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

Wondering how things are going with your insomnia and the personal problems you were working on?

Thanks @hopeful33250 for checking on me. Things are just not going well for now. We solved one problem, but then another one reared its ugly head. My husband has serious heart problems. This has been going on for years. He had heart caths and stents and then stents clogged up. He then had a heart attack and his aorta had calcified. So in open heart surgery he had all the arteries replaced in bypass and the aorta replaced with a cow aorta. After that, he was okay for about a year, but then the problems started again--three more caths at intervals. Now the aorta is leaking, and his blood pressure is off the charts. This is all unnerving because we have no family---just the two of us and I do not drive, so it becomes very stressful. The heart hospital and his heart doctors are over thirty miles away. We go for the cardiologist appt. next week to see what is next. They are weighing another surgery with his age (76). I don't think there is a win either way. I stay extremely upset with his problems and can't worry about my diabetes now. I am not staying on my diabetes program because I take care of him as best I can. I don't know what's coming, so we'll just have to deal with it the best we can. My diabetes seems irrelevant compared to his heart problems.

I find myself very depressed and sad. I never thought we would have poor health in our old age. But, it started happening and has continued to build. I pray every day for us both. We have been married over 50 years. If something happens, I think the one left would not live long. I know my heart would be broken. But for now, we deal with one day at a time and try to be positive. That's all we can do.

Bless you for you concern.



I am so sorry to hear of your husband's serious heart problems. You certainly do have a lot on your plate right now! How very difficult for you both. Is he able to manage his own activities of daily living or do you have to physically help him as well?

Here at Mayo Connect we also have a Caregiver's Support discussion group at, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/meet-fellow-caregivers-introduce-yourself/. I believe it would help you to post there about your situation as well. The folks in the discussion group are like you and you will find a lot of support and encouragement. Scott, @IndianaScott, is the volunteer mentor of the group and you will enjoy getting to know him through his posts. Here is Scott's Thanksgiving post, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/thanksgiving-thanks-to-every-caregiver/

Please keep in touch, @retiredteacher, you have been part of our community for some time now and we care about you!


@retiredteacher You surely are in a difficult situation. No relatives or close friends anywhere near by? If I recall, you love living away from a lot of activity. Despite that have you considered moving closer to where there will be medical resources close by? My older cousin did that a few years back. They loved their home but with the health issues that come up as we age they made the decision to move back to an area north of Boston.
I know we all have our priorities though, so we each have to do what is right for us.

He is able to be active and care for himself. He simply does not do strenuous work. We have a lawn care service. He does all of the driving when we get out; which is not often---only the grocery store or to a dr. appointment. He tires easily so he sleeps and rests much of the day. So far, we have managed to not need outside help. We are very stubborn, independent people, so we always say , We are survivors, and usually find a way to make things work. I am a master at calling 911 or a taxi or to hire a driver.
Thank you for the Caregiver group info. Right now, I can only deal with heart and diabetes. If things ever get easier, I will contact them.

I cannot believe it is Dec. 1st. It was 70 degrees today! It definitely does not feel like Christmas. I hope all are enjoying the holidays.



I am glad to hear that he is able to care for himself. I'm also glad to hear that you have some resources to help with the driving.

Keep strong!


No relatives. We have no friends; we do not know our neighbors. We have worked all of our lives and rarely had time for socializing since our last move 17 1/2 years ago. Due to situations beyond our control our retirement funds no longer exist, so we live on a fixed income. Moving is not physically or monetarily possible. The heart doctors are 45 minutes away; that's not too bad, and I trust them. Our PCP is 30 minutes away as is the endo. We try to manage ourselves so that we don't have to go to doctors. Since I do not drive, I take a "hospital suitcase" packed at all times, and when we go to the cardiologist, we always take it in case he puts my husband in the hospital. We believe in being prepared. We never know what the dr. will decide to do.

So we are having big bumps in the road right now, but we have a firm walk with the Lord and believe that all will be okay. We are praying for a new med for the heart and not surgery.

My prayers are with all of us dealing with health difficulties and hoping that with positive attitudes and care and concern of our friends on this board, we will enjoy the holidays.


@retiredteacher I wish it was 70 here! So far not too cold, so I have to be satisfied with that. I enjoy the seasons but in January it usually get really cold. At our ages we really do not like that anymore.