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Music Helps Me

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music changes the entire body. the nerves, attitude, muscles relax, your body bounces to the rhythm, (even if only in your mind) old lyrics come into the mind and your thoughts change for the better. old events take over, good memories come back to mind and if you let it, a smile comes to your face and whether you want to or not there is an enjoyment even with the pains. we humans are very inventive. good wishes to all and with plenty of love. peach

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@peach414144, I just saw a youtube video on Facebook yesterday; it showed an elderly woman with Alzheimers. She could not speak and would tap her hand non-stop on the arm of her chair. A kindly woman visited her and sang ‘Yes, Jesus loves me’, and the woman with Alzheimers started enthusiastically keeping beat with her hand. It was pretty moving.

hello windwalker, you hit the nail on the head. yes, music is so soothing for me (age 80) even just tapping to the beat. it is though you are part of something and are going along with it, as though you belong to it. especially when you hear music you have enjoyed in the past. memories become real again. the music is good for all people especially for older and infirmed . you are an understanding person and i thank you for this.

Absolutely! Music is medicine for the soul… and body.
I will write later about my love affair as a piano major, voice minor and playing, singing two Latin Masses daily when in high school…one Mass with the beautiful men’s choir, directed by a wonderful musician born in Italy.
Perhaps I have said enough! 🤐

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