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Music Helps Me

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Hi, @parus. This is a great idea to talk about music and how it can be helpful to us. A few other members here on Connect who come to mind that I think would have some thoughts on this are @hopeful33250, @paracat, @rosemarya, @windwalker, @jimhd, @sandytoes14 @sharlynn62, @rmftucker, @lighthouseceliac, @laurieann789, @peach414144 and @nanaof4.

How have you found music to be helpful to you?

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Sometimes yes and sometimes no…depends on whether my physical pain will allow any type of stimulation-if this makes sense.

Depending on the music or particular song, it can change my state of mind to uplifted, nostalgic, sad, energized, etc. Even as a child music had that effect on me. The one situation where I absolutely want no music is when I have a migraine! I have found no music that has helped or soothed me through a migraine attack.

Music has always been a part of my life. It is, and always will be, therapy for my soul.

Senior Centers💫
Music transports me to another ethereal world!
I sing in a traveling Senior chorus and forget all my ‘problems’ when I sing. We love singing… AND the music prof who conducts us! We have 36 members (men and women)tenors and basses
Sopranos and altos and some who come to listen but do not sing. All are welcome!
Pure joy!
I hope you find something that gives you joy:
There are many ‘beginners’ classes. My friend signed up for yoga, tap dancing(not kidding) , art classes, digital photography, jewelry design: (beading),
another…. a drama club, weaving, …..I could go on… visit your local senior center 🌞

Music was my career. . I am retired now and I miss it. Anyway, my voice is no longer what it used to be. I did opera and musical theatre. In musical theatre I was in "The King and I", South Pacific" "Carousel" "Oklahoma" Those were the days!