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Long-term depression

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Jan 2, 2019 | Replies (563)

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@seeker70 – I totally connect with what you say, and I know it would be helpful to me to enter a conversation with you. Trouble is, I’m part way through a cold, and I’m just not up to writing or thinking. Give me a couple of days and I’ll try to remember to join in. I’ve been going through a month or so of increased depression, and being sick right now is the pits.


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Hi windwalker
I came across info on a new study you find interesting. Google bi-polar disorder and gut bacteria link.

Hello @elwooodsdad,

I can hear the distress through your post. I am sorry your sweet dog passed away. That is truly the loss of a significant friend in your life.

I agree with you that giving yourself permission to feel is important. I've been told myself that sometimes I don't allow myself to do that and just try and do something to immediately make myself feel happy instead of sitting in my sadness and truly feeling it for a time.

I'd like to give some information about the suicide hotline in case the feelings become overwhelming as you try to deal with the depression you've faced, along with this new grief with your dog's passing:
– 800-273-8255
– Facebook, http://on.fb.me/r6Jp9elwooodsdad

@ainsleigh Thank you, I will.

@elwooodsdad, Hi. I posted earlier to you about my daughter. I want to apologize that I grabbed your forum to air my worries. It was selfish of me. Just want you to know that I do care that you feel so low as to let suicide cross your mind. I feel like you have good 'where-with-all' to ride out the depression. I also want to say that I send my condolencses for your loss of your beloved pet. I know that is very hard. Are you doing any better tonight?

I have it on my phone. Distressing to build what is left of you life to living something you aren’t happy with. Play the cards dealt…

Hi Elwoodsdad I have been treating anxiety and depression for over a year. It was getting better and than I lost my young 2 1/2 old Giant Schnauzer to Disseminated Aspergillos Fungus. It literally tore me apart. That was in February of this year and my heart is literally broken. He was 95 pounds of pure love…my Heart Dog. I will never get over that. My heart just aches and i still she tears over it. So, i understand completely how loosing a dog can do this to you. I have lost other dogs through the years that have just shattered me as well.