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Long-term depression

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Jan 2, 2019 | Replies (563)

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@seeker70 – I totally connect with what you say, and I know it would be helpful to me to enter a conversation with you. Trouble is, I’m part way through a cold, and I’m just not up to writing or thinking. Give me a couple of days and I’ll try to remember to join in. I’ve been going through a month or so of increased depression, and being sick right now is the pits.


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Thanks so much for the reply — feel better soon!

Sounds as if you are channeling me. I am 70,and have been diagnosed with dysthymia. I don’t remember when I didn’t have depression & anxiety/panic attacks. I have support via medication, and have 15 years or so and know it will pass, and it does. Not ideal, but knowing and practicing coping mechanisms is what I have in my tool box.

I forgot to mention in my last post that another possible tool box item could be access to a distress phone line. Lots of the volunteers
have had personal experience with mental health issues and in any case all are kind and empathetic and ready to listen. If you need to speak to somebody and do not have anyone to call it could be a resource for you. It Is confidential and you do not have to use your real name. How to I know-because I have had mental health issues and was a volunteer for five years .I hope you have this available where you live!

I would like to learn more about your coping mechanisms and hope you will share them with us. This morning I spent time being thankful for the good things in my life and that seems to lift my spirits before I have to deal with any daily event that may make me feel sad.

Soul sisters!  Iron sharpens iron.  And we are better together!

Try giving yourself permission to feel sad for a certain amount of time.  Really feel what you feel.  Then, if you need more time, repeat as needed.  Don't let yourself drown my n your sorrow.  We are here for you.  There is hope.

Thanks for your post, @elwooodsdad. Sounds like a long time with depression and anxiety/panic attacks.

You mentioned knowing and practicing coping mechanisms in your toolbox. Wondering what those are and how they help you?

I sent you a message.  Disregard.  I found it!  Just couldn't find it on the page with all the other groups.  In a rush this morning.  Getting a massage.

What is the distress line number?

One coping mechanism is to just let things be, and know it will pass. I find comfort in my pets, but sadly, I had a sweet dog die recently, and I am having issues with grief. Back to coping, it is helpful to just breathe, be quiet and coast. Giving oneself permission to feel is hard, but is a step. Concerned about recent suicidal ideation, but I let those pass, plus I no longer own,guns, for a reason. I fear this will be the death of me in time, and I just don’t care. I have no more to accomplish.

@elwoodsdad We do what we can. I no longer have guns. I believe this is a wise choice for some.

@elwooodsdad, Hi. My heart breaks every time I read a post on this site that reflects hopelessness. My beautiful daughter suffers from bi-polar disorder, so I am aware of how low depression can take a person. I see that Lisa has posted a Suicide hotline number. I hope you will post it in a handy place just in case you think you might act on those thoughts. Ride it out. It will pass.