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New diagnosis, sick sinus syndrome

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Hello! I am new here and hoping to get some answers and/or help! I am 60 years old and on my second pacemaker. I have the in home monitor that sends readings automatically. Recently I received a phone call from my cardiologists office saying my pacer sent an alert that my heart was beating too fast. When I went for my visit she said it actually had sent 5 alerts. They asked if I was having chest pain and I told them I had but thought it was just indigestion. My cardiologist put me on Metoprolol. I have done nothing but sleep since taking it!! I can’t stay awake. I even take it before bedtime. I went back to the office because of being so tired and was told by his physician assistant to continue the medicine and then scheduled me for a stress test. I went yesterday and was called by my doctor office everything came back fine. I called back to ask since it was fine so I continue the medicine. She said yes because I have sick sinus syndrome and that’s why he gave it to me. Well he didn’t tell me that!!! Anyway she is going to ask him and let me know for sure. I asked what caused the alerts and she told me to call back next week and talk to the pacemaker specialist. The reason I had to have a pacer in the beginning was because my heart rate was in the 30’s.....bradycardia. I’m upset and confused!! I absolutely cannot stand being this tired!! I can’t function like this!!! My question is what would you do? Does anyone else take this medicine? Does it make you this tired? Thank you!!!

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I take Metoprolol succ ER 25 mg once daily to keep my resting heart rate down and control palpitations. I was told that it is a very small dose. I haven't noticed per se whether it causes tiredness though I do experience fatigue likely from other causes. Back in the 1980s, I was on a small dose beta blocker for about 11 years -- I finally went off back then because it was making me tired and can cause mild depression. I hope you get your situation figured out so that you feel like you can function more normally.

I had high blood pressure and a natural fast beating heart. My doctor put me on Metropolol. I was on it for quite a while with not noticable side effects. When I lost weight and no longer had high blood pressure, I was taken on of it on a daily basis unless my heart rate was extra face. I haven't taken it for about a year. I am having surgery next week. I always become tachy when I am under. My doc started me back on the meds until after surgery to slow down my heart rate just in case. I cannot tell if I am tired because I am always tired.

Look up the possible side effects for the drug. Don't forget, everyone reacts differently to meds.
Good luck!

Hi Ronnie! Good luck with your surgery!! I’m very medicine sensitive so I’m thinking maybe this is it. It’s my 3rd day on half of a pill so I’m hoping the tiredness goes away. If not I’m going to request some blood work in case it is something else. Thank you for your input!!!

Thank you so much!!!!!

Thank you for your best wishes on my surgery.
I think you have to wait longer than a few days to see if the symptoms will subside. It is a very good med and if you can tolerate it, you should try to stay on it. Starting with a 1/2 pill for a several days (possibly a week) is a great idea. Once you have that under control then you can up it. You will probably have the same reaction. Give it time.

I certainly understand your sensitivity. Many years ago I'd take an asprin and fall asleep! Got over that quickly!

Again good luck!

You are very welcome!!!

Hello @judylynn

Welcome to Mayo Connect! I'm sorry to hear of the problems you have had with heart rate. It sounds like you and your doctors have been working hard to get your heart rate problems under control. I am in my late 60's and have had heart valve problems since age 11 because of Rheumatic Fever. As a result, I've become well acquainted with heart meds, and the working of the heart. For a number of years I only took an ACE Inhibitor and that worked great. It did make me tired, so I've taken it at night.

Then I started being aware of racing heart at times and Metoprolol was added. I did not do well on it. I had a lot of dizziness, nausea and trouble sleeping - vivid dreams, etc. I looked at the med's website and saw that these were all of the side-effects. So I contacted my cardiologist and he changed me to Atenolol, which has worked quite nicely without the side-effects.

I would encourage you to talk again with your doctor again and ask to try a different med. Please remember that you always have the right to get a second opinion.


Thank you Teresa!!! I will definitely write that med down!!!