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I understand that the first step for being a kidney donor is to complete a health history questionnaire. Once it's complete, how long should it take to be contacted by a living donor coordinator. I'm waiting to get a status.

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Hi @tjdog. I add my welcome. You'll notice that I moved your messages to an existing discussion of the same name. I did this so that you can meet others who are considering becoming a donor. Simply click VIEW & REPLY in the email notification to read through past messages. You'll meet others like @grammyx4 @fauneconner @fbgibbons672 and others.

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Tjdog, Waiting to hear after you've completed the health questionnaire must feel long. Feel free to ask questions of members while you wait. If you don't mind telling a bit more about yourself, could you share what inspired you to apply to be a donor?

@tjdog I heard within a few days but I had a named recipient so I don't know if that made it go quicker or if I just got lucky? I'm excited for you and hope you hear soon!