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I know what you are feeling. I am scheduled to go to Mayo in Rochester the week of Oct 9 for testing. I am hoping to be a donor for my husband and have all these fears about not passing. We are the same blood type so that is a plus. Just have to leave it in God’s hands and the capable people at Mayo.

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@fauneconner – You are going to the best place in the country for transplants so you can be confident that their answer is God’s will for your husband. I can’t imagine what you are feeling but I know your husband is overwhelmed with your love for him as you attempt to give him an organ. Remember Mayo uses paired organ donation for kidneys if that is what organ you are being tested for (explanation and links in posts above). All the best and please let us know how things turn out.

If you feel up to it I would love to hear what the testing is like as I’m asking people to be a living kidney donor for me and I really don’t know what process they will have to go through. It would be nice if I could answer some of their questions or explain in more detail what they are signing up for.

@fauneconner, Welcome to Mayo Connect. I apologize for the late welcome, but I have been out of town and off line. I am a liver/kidney transplant recipient. My donor was an anonymous deceased donor. His final gift, my gift of life, hade my past 8 years possible. I think that what you are doing, by stepping up to be tested as a potential donor for your own dear husband, is an act of love of the highest degree. I want you to know that I will be saying prayers for you and your husband on Oct. 9.
I think that I understand your concern. With transplant, there are many “What ifs” to be dealt with.
I am also extremely happy that you have met and connected with @lcamino. You two have a lot in common.

Thank you so much for all of this great information! My husband is in need of a kidney transplant and has already been tested and approved for the surgery. Our son is in the process of being tested to be a live donor for my husband. He has passed the blood tests and is scheduled for the final evaluations and tests the week of November 15th. My question is, is there a certain waiting time after all is approved for the surgery to happen? We’d love for surgery to be before the end of the year, but not sure if that is feasible? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

I think they told me if you have an approved living donor the surgery can be scheduled fairly soon depending on their surgery schedule. Maybe a month or so?? I am still completing a few more tests at home that the committee wanted me to do so my timeline has been slower. I spend the week of Oct 9 in Rochester doing all my donor testing. Now waiting on chest CT, pulmonary function test and a pulmonary consult based on old sarcodosis scars they saw on my chest xray. They are very thorough.

Thanks for your reply! That is very encouraging news and I’m sure we’ll know more in a few weeks when my son actually has his appointments with the donor transplant team. We’re all just very anxious for this surgery to happen with the hopes of a better life for my husband! Good luck on your continued journey!

@fauneconner, I want to personally say thank you for responding to @grammyx4 with your first hand information.
I hope that your testing and results will be positive.

@grammyx4, I want to extend a welcome to you for entering this Living Donor discussion. I am happy that you have already met one of our members, and have received a firsthand account of what she is experiencing.

Have you had the opportunity to view the Mayo Clinic Living Donor Page? You will find information about living kidney donation. There is a toolkit for the recipient and for the donor, as well as other resources.
I understand your desire to get this surgery behind you. Regardless of the timeline that works for you, I pray that everything works out for your husband and son. You have got to be proud of your son for making this decision to help your husband. He already qualifies as a hero by my definition.

@grammyx4 that’s wonderful that progress is being made so quickly for your husband. You are fortunate to have such a loving son that he wants to do this for his father. I hope things will work out positively for him to be a donor.

No need to be same blood type. They can cross-match.