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@fbgibbons672 – Well I am one waiting for a living kidney donor so I don’t know what you are experiencing but I can identify with the gratitude and excitement your sister is feeling. One thing to keep in mind with the Mayo Clinic is that they can use a donor chain so if you are not a match, but are a suitable donor, Mayo will arrange to give your kidney to someone else and your sister can get that person’s kidney. It’s like paying it forward and Mayo will arrange, between the three locations, who can benefit from your kidney and then your sister can get a kidney from another person who is a good match for her. I believe they have done it up to 8 people in a chain. I’m afraid I’m not explaining it very well and I don’t know how to give you links but if you search the Mayo Clinic website you will find a better explanation for a donor chain. Not all transplant centers do this and it is a major perk for someone getting a kidney transplant from a living donor.

Even if you are not a suitable donor for anyone your offer is beyond generous. I’m not sure words can truly express how a person feels who is in need of a transplant and someone is willing to make the sacrifice for them. Thank you for setting an example and being so generous.

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@lcamino I think you explained it quite well! But it is something that is a little difficult to visualize so we developed an infographic to help explain the process. You can find it on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/230668812143069480

Additional information can also be found here: http://www.mayoclinic.org/departments-centers/transplant-center/paired-donation/gnc-20203914

@fbgibbons672 Hope this helps explain a donor chain and Mayo’s paired donation process.

@NatalieR – Thank you!